Garage Door Maintenance

Garage doors must remain balanced and in their best possible condition in order to serve you daily and for a long time. This is easily accomplished with regular garage door maintenance and if you need service in Newmarket, Ontario, you cannot go wrong with our company. Not only do we go the extra mile to serve your maintenance needs when it works best for you but tailor the service to your garage door requirements. Not all garage doors are the same. They differ in terms of type, brand, opener, and weaknesses. Let us assure you that we send the best pros to provide garage door maintenance in Newmarket.Garage Door Maintenance Newmarket

Our company assigns expert pros to your garage door maintenance

The secret to having the garage door properly maintained is to find the right pros. We take great pride in working with committed and qualified pros with expertise in garage door troubleshooting, inspection, and repairs. These are the right steps that will yield the expected results and so your garage door is maintained by the book.

When you contact Newmarket Garage Door Repair for maintenance, we assign a pro to the job and for the day and time that feels best to your schedule. The tech arrives on time and properly equipped. They start by inspecting all parts and the movement of the door. The intention here is to witness the weaknesses of the door in order to do the necessary repairs. The pro will check the cables, the garage door balance, the travel limits, the reverse mechanism, the tracks, the rollers, and any other part.

The pro will do any garage door adjustment & repair necessary

They do any garage door adjustment needed, remove debris and fix any problem that will keep the rollers from gliding up and down. The pros ensure the door is closing and opening smoothly not only with adjustments but also with lubrication. They also make sure all parts are properly fastened and all fasteners are tight.

Call us for dependable garage door maintenance service. When garage doors are serviced regularly and by an expert tech, they move without causing sudden problems. That’s the essence of the service. It prevents problems. We are here to make sure your garage door moves smoothly and is balanced in order to serve you without making your life difficult or unsafe. Place a call to us today and let’s plan together your next garage door maintenance Newmarket service.

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