Garage Door Service

Wouldn’t you feel reassured if one company would take great care of all your garage door service Newmarket needs? That’s exactly what we do. Apart from replacing and installing doors and openers, we also offer a wide range of repair services to help all clients of our Newmarket Garage Door Repair company feel safe when using their door. We are qualified and well-equipped technicians with up to date training and the certifications to fix, adjust, replace, inspect, and service parts of any residential electric garage system in the Newmarket area.Garage Door Service Newmarket

Do you know why all garage door services are important?

There is a perfectly good reason why every technician in our garage door service company is extensively trained, updated, and qualified to do any required repair work. Garage doors are heavy, complex, and used every day. They also wear and get damaged easily since they are exposed to elements and carry the heavy weight of the door. So they need good services, which might include adjustments or alignment. Each part plays a different role, is installed in a certain way, and is manufactured in a special way. Over the years, they must remain strong, undamaged, and in their original position in order to do what they should. Our company makes sure of these things with annual garage door maintenance.

We are here to cover urgent garage door repair service needs

But our team is also available to fix any problem. Over months of daily use tracks might get misaligned. The sensors might break. One of the motor wires might get damaged. The panel might warp. With our garage door repair work, we take care of them. We offer:

  • Panel repair
  • Broken spring replacement
  • Garage door off track service
  • Cable and roller replacement
  • Track repair
  • Opener services

From replacing the snapped extension springs and fixing the bent track to putting the cables back on the drum and aligning the sensors, we can do many things to fix the door. Call us if you need urgent reverse system repair or the door is jammed. Our techs isolate and fix problems right away and stand by to offer routine garage door service in Newmarket, Ontario.

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