Garage Door Springs Repair

Newmarket Garage Door Repair is the local company that really cares about providing you with the best service possible for torsion and extension springs. Our professionals have years of experience working on these components. We place an unwavering emphasis on quality, but we focus on safety as well. You should avoid attempting garage door spring replacement on your own. Untrained professionals have been known to suffer significant injuries while performing this task. Do not put your safety at risk. Let our experts do the job safely, professionally and affordably.Garage Door Springs Repair Newmarket

We have been offering outstanding garage door springs repair in Newmarket, ON for a very long time. Over the years we have honed our skills and accumulated a wealth of knowledge. When you call Garage Door Repair Newmarket you get a local company willing to go the extra mile to provide effective service. Our dedication to customer service is as strong as our commitment to quality. We take an old fashioned friendly approach to service that seems to have faded over time. Our service is guaranteed to leave you completely satisfied with the work provided.

Our specialists excel at garage door spring repair service. If the component can be fixed our team is the one for the job. However, in many cases the spring simply has to be replaced. We offer exceptional extension and torsion spring repair. The extension type come in pairs and are mounted on each side of the door; whereas the torsion is a single component mounted above the door. These parts play a major role in the operation of your garage door. The reason these springs should be serviced by a professional is because they are wound extremely tight and should the tension be released unexpectedly serious injury could occur.

Call the professionals at Newmarket Garage Door Repair when you need fast service you can trust to be as accurate as it is reasonably priced. Do not attempt broken spring repair on your own or trust it to someone lacking the professional training necessary. Let us do the job right.

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