Wooden Garage Doors

If you stand there wondering whether to get mahogany or cedar wooden garage doors, Newmarket installation experts are ready to make your choice – and all decisions – a lot easier. You see, we are experienced with wooden garage door installation services and all steps included in these projects. To be precise, our team has experience with all services on wood garage doors. And the best part – the very one that interests you – is that we are available for complete wooden garage door repair and installation services in Newmarket, Ontario.

What do you plan? What do you need? What do you want? If it involves a wood garage door, take no chances. Contact Newmarket Garage Door Repair.

Experts in the installation of wooden garage doors in Newmarket

Wooden Garage Doors Newmarket

There are plenty of timber choices when it comes to the construction of wooden garage doors, Newmarket homeowners may trust. And whatever you like, have in mind, or dream of getting, it can happen. Let us make the start for you. Let us send a pro to measure your garage and the opening. That’s the wise thing to do in order to determine with absolute accuracy the dimensions of the door. Our company appoints techs with experience to measure and also offer an estimate for the installation of custom wooden garage doors.

Once we know the dimensions, we narrow down the options of wooden garage door sizes. Of course, there is a handful of choices – single and double doors, RV sizes, standard sizes, customized sizes. There are also many different styles, depending on whether this is a classic home or a contemporary home. Accordingly, you choose the color, the timber, and the panel appearance – all things relevant to the wooden garage door designs. And if you need help with all that, we are here for you.

The vital thing is that whether you choose a two-car door or a single door, the new wooden garage door is seamlessly installed.

Complete wood garage door repairs and services

You can count on our team for any wooden garage door service. All services assigned to our company are carried out by techs with expertise in wooden garage doors and thus, the knowledge to use the appropriate replacement parts and the skills to pull off all jobs. You really don’t have to take any chances at all with the repairs and services of an existing wood door. Or, with the installation and the quality of new wooden garage doors; Newmarket’s best team is at your service.

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